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COILYCURLS really LOVE our readers and want to hear from YOU!!!!!!
Send in your pictures of your manes and hairstyles we want to see and share it.
Write a hairstory and Send it in we will feature it!
Email  if you want to see a Product Review, I want to communicate with you guys, know you're reading so don't be shy.
If you have a blog and want some of your posts featured we would be happy to read them and consider your blog, remember coilycurls is here to help so that we can learn and grow together.
Remember All contact info is listed under the CONTACT tab under the home screen but for submissions remember to submit to

Here is a easy Guideline For Hairstories:
  1. Where are you from?What is your name?Age?(If you want lol)
  2. How long have you been natural?did you big chop or transition?
  3. Why did you go natural?
  4. What obstacles socially did you face from friends,family,co-workers,classmates about your new decision?&How you got past them
  5. What is your current Regimen?
  6. What are your staple products?
  7. What is your staple style?
  8. Words of the Wise(tell a natural something you wish you would have known before you went natural)
  9. Any Last thoughts
  10. Where can we find you?(Tumblr, Instagram,Twitter, blog etc.)
Guidelines For Hair Pictures& Styles
  • MUST be NATURAL!!!!
  • Pictures should be clear and concise of hair(explain how your hair is styled in the photo submitted)
  • Clear pictures of the style you are rocking!
  • Explain the style&How you created the style

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