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Im 20 :) COLLEGE STUDENT, studying at JACKSON STATE UNIVERSITY majoring in MASS COMMUNICATIONS with a concentration of multimedia journalism. I absoulutely LOVE natural hair and I fell in love with my own but I havent always been so embracing, I had a relaxer from the age of 7-17. I went natural because I had a BAD experience with hair dye, and it dried and SPLIT MY ENDS so bad I just didnt want the color or perm anymore. Although I was going throught the "transition" I WORE MY HAIR STRAIGHT AT ALL TIMES AND IT BROKE OFF AGAIN :( so, I realized either I was going to be natural and wear my hair straight or natural and embrace my curls, I chose to embrace my curls and they are beautiful, almost like artwork every one curl is unique and must be treated with care. I decided to start a blog to help out other people with natural hair that are new to the game and want to grow out their hair as well, it is to learn from one another and a great support system, reading my posts you will see im not perfect and my hair is a hobby I try new stuff all the time and take risks, I know protective styling isnt for me so I just do not even bother. Plus im in college and I mean I want to look cute sometime lol, I love to flaunt my curly fro, it is worth showing off! Also, this site is to bring together naturals, and help give people with relaxers that extra push to go natural, its way safer and healthier! :) I LOVE blogging, my hair, fashion, and my family I hope you all enjoy the blog.

Hey everyone, I'm Brittany and as you can see I will now be making posts to the blog...Brielle is my sister and was my inspiration to go curly a few years ago!!! I stopped relaxing my hair in 2008....a long transition, there were so many times I almost turned back. I got the relaxed hair cut a little over a year ago! I've had tons of adventures with my strands...relaxed,curly,short,long,blonde,red..and now jet black! I just got my hair trimmed yet again because the red dye FRIED it! For anyone thinking of getting red dye DONT DO fades almost instantly and thhe upkeep is hard on your strands! Now that my hair is black i dont plan to make any more changes...I'm done experimenting!I'm into low manipulation styles mainly because I dont have the time and bc its easier on my hair. For those wondering I'm 25, married,and I have 2 children a boy and a girl who im happy to say is already a curly!!!! We live in texas...Military family!!!

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