Monday, March 12, 2012

Wash n Go

This is my hair after I've twisted it with tresemme nourishing moisture conditioner.
For my over night wash n go, I cowash in the shower & finger detangle with conditioner, then twist my hair& secure my roots with bobby pins.I spray with a leave in conditioner mix& take down the twists& separate them, sometime they may be moist but that's alright!
When I do this method my hair does NOT take the formation of twists which I love, I like MY curl pattern, I try not to alter it with twist outs& braid outs, even bantu knots.when I separate the twists my natural curls pop back, the purpose of this method is to detangle my hair& let it dry but still achieving a wash n go.just dry!!!:)) lol so try it.& I bobby pin my roots to prevent shrinkage in my twists!

:) curls

My curls...I guess they are about a 4a I'm not sure at all.

My curls!

Up close look

My problem area:(

So y'all right in the middle of my hair there is something that appears to be either breakage or it could be my problem area...I'm so sad because I've just discovered it,...NOW I'm freaking out, but of course I had to share with my readers because I'm NOT perfect and neither is my hair, I'm going to continue to take care of this little area like usual but of course I'll be super sensitive and NO heat!!!... I found it while I was doing my usual over night wash n go...and I kept staring at it then I was like man I have to blog about this, so have any one out there experienced anything like this? Am I tripping? Is it normal? HELP I'm freaking out lol but honestly I think it's from me scratching, I have a odd habit of scratching my head in a state of confusion so I'm thinking it comes from that, either way I want to fix this issue!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trim /Clip your Ends!!!

This is a photo of just hair that I trimmed from my hair, of course not all of it, but if you look closely you can see I trimmed my hair WET &while it was CURLY I put my hair in about 20 sections/ twists and conditioned& then hair except I do not trim my hair as you would someone relaxed I twist my curls around my finger so that they form ringlets& begin snipping away at the ends of the ringlets...I have NATURAL...Curly hair it must be treated, and taken care differently curly hair is fragile and must be handled with CARE...if you're natural with curly hair you DO NOT HAVE TO STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR TO GET YOUR ENDS CLIPPED/TRIMMED it's better if you do it curly..I trim this way because it's easier, more convenient for me and has worked, with this method I don't take off too much hair and those raggedy ends get snipped right out of the way. At times people get clipped& Trimmed confused, but they are similar but some use them in different content,  I feel trimming& clipping is about the same except some relaxed people get their ends clipped "even"...with curly hair "even" doesn't really matter because our curls are wild and none are uniform& the same, or grow evenly, so us naturals usually trim our ends just for the health of our hair, not so much to "even"it out....Nonetheless whether you're straight& natural, straight and relaxed, or curly& natural trimming ends are important! TIP: After you trim, SEAL your ends with an oil just to nourish them you will see,an amazing difference before&after.
Trimming ends are vital for hair health, the more you nourish& take care of your hair the less frequent these trimmings will be necessary!

Ive MISSED blogging SO im BACK ;)

I haven't made a post in about 3 months simply because while I was home (Chicago) I left my computer,... and I honestly slacked off, got to me,it happens to us all right.I'm back in school to finish off my 2nd semester as a sophomore and man it went by quick.MIDTERMS already sheesh!!... well I have missed my lil babies so much lol I love my blog, I really wish I hadn't left my readers just out wondering what'd happened.I'm okay I was just busy with life and&SCHOOL.y'all college is kicking my butt. My hair has grown some, and I've had some major setbacks as well Natural hair of course is HIGH maintenance if you're a person that actually take care of your hair so I have a confession... I was straightened for 2 months...*waits for the gasp* haha! I know I know, why would I do my Curls like that, I was TIRED of doing my hair so often, it was wearing me aaaaaaall the way down. For real! I'm back to my normal routine which is Curly Girl I still am sulfate and silicone hair is doing juuuust fine without them, and its so nice&juicy without them...I actually missed my hair, I appreciate my curls because they are apart of me, a part that'll never change as long as I stay away from the enemy of HEAT DAMAGE !!! Oh and speaking of heat damage that's another reason I went back curly and let the straight hair go,I was terrified of heat damage,plus my curls around the perimeter were/are already loose as a goose,I don't need them any looser!!...So I'll be back to posting from now on&any time I fail to post for long periods of time, you can still email me I'm more than willing to answer questions!