Monday, March 12, 2012

Wash n Go

This is my hair after I've twisted it with tresemme nourishing moisture conditioner.
For my over night wash n go, I cowash in the shower & finger detangle with conditioner, then twist my hair& secure my roots with bobby pins.I spray with a leave in conditioner mix& take down the twists& separate them, sometime they may be moist but that's alright!
When I do this method my hair does NOT take the formation of twists which I love, I like MY curl pattern, I try not to alter it with twist outs& braid outs, even bantu knots.when I separate the twists my natural curls pop back, the purpose of this method is to detangle my hair& let it dry but still achieving a wash n go.just dry!!!:)) lol so try it.& I bobby pin my roots to prevent shrinkage in my twists!

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