Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ive MISSED blogging SO im BACK ;)

I haven't made a post in about 3 months simply because while I was home (Chicago) I left my computer,... and I honestly slacked off, got to me,it happens to us all right.I'm back in school to finish off my 2nd semester as a sophomore and man it went by quick.MIDTERMS already sheesh!!... well I have missed my lil babies so much lol I love my blog, I really wish I hadn't left my readers just out wondering what'd happened.I'm okay I was just busy with life and&SCHOOL.y'all college is kicking my butt. My hair has grown some, and I've had some major setbacks as well Natural hair of course is HIGH maintenance if you're a person that actually take care of your hair so I have a confession... I was straightened for 2 months...*waits for the gasp* haha! I know I know, why would I do my Curls like that, I was TIRED of doing my hair so often, it was wearing me aaaaaaall the way down. For real! I'm back to my normal routine which is Curly Girl I still am sulfate and silicone hair is doing juuuust fine without them, and its so nice&juicy without them...I actually missed my hair, I appreciate my curls because they are apart of me, a part that'll never change as long as I stay away from the enemy of HEAT DAMAGE !!! Oh and speaking of heat damage that's another reason I went back curly and let the straight hair go,I was terrified of heat damage,plus my curls around the perimeter were/are already loose as a goose,I don't need them any looser!!...So I'll be back to posting from now on&any time I fail to post for long periods of time, you can still email me I'm more than willing to answer questions!

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