Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Aunt Jackie's Curls And Coils Review(Written)

Hey curlies, as you all may know I was sent products from the company "Aunt Jackie's Curls and Coils" to sample and review for my natural hair and blog, the following review is based on how each of these products worked for me and MY hair! The line is sulfate/paraben/mineral oil/ and petroleum free products all going for $9.99 each.So with that being said let us dig right into the review.
Disclaimer: I am NOT being paid to do this review, this is an honest opinion.AGAIN no one is bribing me to say good or bad things about the product, this is my honest opinion.!
Now lets get started:

 Sulfate free Shampoo
Price- $9.99
Smell- Fruity, perfume It actually Smells Great
Effectiveness- This does exactly what it says it will do which is clean your hair removing product build-up without stripping your hair, it is a moisturizing shampoo. I actually like this product, I have not used shampoo in months because I am following the "Curly Girl Method" and shampoo really tangles and dry my hair, this shampoo however did NOT strip my hair, my hair was also sort of a detangler as well. I like this product. Rate-  A- , I rated it this way because it was not really "moisturizing" for me however, it did get the job done! I will repurchase

Moisturizing and Softening Conditioner
Price- $9.99
Smell- Fruity, smells great
Effectiveness-I really Love this Conditioner because it has GREAT slip, I mean it literally glides right through your hair. It conditions well, and you can use it as a Deep Conditioner as well.
Rate- A+- I really LOVE this stuff, I will repurchase

Instant Detangler
Price- $9.99
Effectiveness- This product seriously worked wonders on my knots, I seriously LOVE it, it detangles just as the description claims. It just melted the knots and tangles away.
Rate- A+ I will SURELY repurchase this, as soon as my sample run out lol. It was my favorite from the line.

Defining curl custard
Price- $9.99
Smell- Fruity, it smells good
Effectiveness- This product moisturizes really well!!!! HOWEVER, I must say for my wash n go it was a complete fail, this product is one i will use when I actually style my hair like twist outs/ braid outs/ bantu knots etc.My mother tried a little and she loved it!! lol. I must say it does moisturize well. I just will not use for wash n gos....EVER lol.
Rate- B , Only because I cant use it for my wash n go!

You can find these products at your local Beauty Supply Store, and Online at

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  1. thanks for taking the time to post your comments. I went and purchased all and these are by far the BEST that I've tried as far as the end result being what I wanted---moisture, enough of a shine that LASTED all day. I worked out, sweated like a hog and still those curls held up!! FANTASTIC!!!
    PLUS and most importantly to me, I live on a real tight budget so the expense of transitioning back to natural was starting to be discouraging and I seriously had considered going back to my ole standby---Aunt Jackie's products are super VALUE based, I hope they don't follow the lead of some others and make their prices outrageous! Thank YOU again, for posting.