Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whats UP!

Lately, I have been totally missing in action and I honestly apologize I have SO much stuff to do and I let it pile up, I have a Aunt Jackie's review and I have two Hair Stories to publish. y'all I just have been through A LOT lately and of course blogging is personal so of course it has been hard to ya know get in the groove lol but whatever. Anyway, I am taking a semester off even though I really did not want to lol but it was best I just miss school so much!I am job hunting like nobody business and I am growing and maturing, I am only 20 and I have so much to figure out about myself so you know I am LIVING and I plan to do so outside of the computer screen, I will have more interactive posts!
I am still on my fitness kick lol, I still workout every single day and drink a minimum of 64 oz. a day, (watch me hit my dougie) lmao!!! I am GOING to get smaller, i want to lose inches more than everything. I am also participating in this squat challenge on IG its called "Squat in September" you increase your amount of squats by 5 each day!it is to help tone and lift them thighs and booties lmao! Example: 25 today, 30 tomorrow, 35 the next day.

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