I do NOT use Sulfates and I RARELY EVER use Silicone's...UNLESS I am doing a product review and the product just so happens to have silicone's but in my daily regimen I do NOT.

Scalp Massage

  • I use Oil, typically Tea tree Oil or Coconut oil to massage my scalp every night to promote hair growth, this is an important part of my regimen because it increases blood flow which promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Start from the front and work you way to the back of your head in a slow and steady motion, then massage more quickly.


  • I "seal in the moisture in my hair"... basically it is trapping in the moisture into your strands, I use a common method which is applying a moisturizer like a leave in conditioner, a moisturizer is something with the FIRST ingredient is listed as "agua-water" as we all  know WATER is the best moisturizer, so you want whatever you are using to moisturize and seal to be a water based product.
  • I apply one of my leave ins and seal with EVOO or Coconut oil, OR I simply use water, and seal it with an oil. Both are great.
  • Sealing is typically done to the last 1-2 inches of hair but can be done to all of the hair if you would like to.

  • Tresemme Naturals Conditioner
  • Suave Naturals Conditioner
  • VO5 moisture milks Conditioner
Leave In
  • Giovanni Direct Leave In
  • Aunt Jackie's "Knot on my Watch"-not a staple however
Clarifying Cleanser
  • JUST ADDED "Aunt Jackie's, Oh So Clean Sulfate Free Shampoo" it is a great clarifying cleanser
  • Coconut Oil- Staple
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Deep conditioning treatments
  • Tea Tree Oil- Removes bacteria from scalp.
  • My leave in conditioners
  • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Deep Conditioner
-I do NOT buy "Deep Conditioning Treatment conditioners"
  • Some REGULAR Conditioner
  • Oil of choice
  • Eco Styler Gel(Olive Oil)
  • Shea Moisture Curling Souffle
  • Lets Jam Curling Custard
Now with the product list out of the way let me describe exactly what I do to my hair on a weekly basis.
  •  I co-wash my hair every 5 days, using either of the conditioner listed co-wash day is my styling day because 95% of the time I am wearing a Wash n Go.
  • After I co-wash I squeeze excess water out of my hair and start "sealing" my hair...that process is also listed above.
  • As soon as I am done sealing I begin applying Eco-Styler Gel to my hair...styling my wash n Go, I have a post on how I style my wash n Go here 
  • After my hair is dry, I pineapple to stretch the curls, I do this every night until it is time to restyle. I do not typically moisturize my hair in between co-washing because I seal before I style.If i do moisturize i spray a little water on my curls and rub some oil on my hair and fluff and go.
  • Every Night I massage my scalp with an oil to promote hair growth
  • I typically restyle/ co-wash every 4-5 days.
  • SOME NIGHTS I use the "Baggy Method" to keep my hair moisturized.
-Deep Conditioning - I weekly DC, I use a mixture of Honey, Oil, and a moisturizing conditioner and I apply the mixture to my hair for 2 or more hours and co-wash out and proceed in styling my hair.

-Hot Oil Treatments- I typically incorporate Oil into my deep conditioning treatments however, if I do not I will warm some EVOO and massage my scalp and apply oil to hair, sometimes I will sit under the dryer for 30-40 minutes and sometimes I will opt out and let the oil penetrate my hair for hours with just my body heat.

-When I am not wearing a wash n go, and wearing a protective style like twists or not wearing my "hair out", I typically just moisturize and seal my ends day and night, I do not Deep Condition while my hair are in twists, nor do I co-wash. I just moisturize and seal and keep my scalp clean by scratching any residue off with my finger tips gently, and applying tea tree oil.

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