Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm finally HOME in CHICAGO oh how I've missed this city, I got off the plane and forgot just how windy this city really is, I was freezing lol came from 60 degree to 20 degrees ohhh how that wind felt horrible lol. Before I left though, I did a hot oil treatment and deep condition, and applied some EVOO to my ends for extra protection lol, and I was so paranoid I wore a scarf updo but y'all it was CUTE!!!!!lol Im gonna do a video on how I did it soon, it was so easy and definitely my favorite protective style haha! anyway Im happy to be home :) but i have bad news :( i LEFT ,my computer in my dorm so there will be less posts this month, well less VLOGS because I wont have a way to record, but bear with me I'm going to still post, leave me comments or tweet me and tell me what you'd like to read from me, or any tutorials, or hairstyles you want to see.!

Head scarf;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

update:curly girl

i finally took the time out to clarify my hair and restart the curly girl method. ill post a video to share my results!:)

Monday, December 5, 2011


Video touching on mistakes i made going curly girl, and about natural hair in general and why go natural

Sulfate and cone free

I'm taking a visit to WALMART today to buy some silicone free products my hair is beginning to feel waxy and I absolutely hate it,I think it's just time for me to go cone free,so actually I'm going to have to Redo and start over on my CG METHOD!:(. although I'm conditioner only I've Been a great conditioner only person but I was  using herbal essence which is great but loaded with silicones,I'm also still not going to shampoo maybe one diluted shampooing every 3 months or so but I have to start my CG over tomorrow I'm going to clarify with my mane n tail and start fresh,I hope my hair reacts well.I'll come back later with the products I bought aaaaand the results after my first day going truly CG/Conditioner only.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Too cold

So here in Jackson the weather has dropped tremendously and it's about 40,it went from 70 to 40 and although I'd love to wear my hair out,I just won't do it,the wind is too much,it's muggy and rainy and natural hair and rain is just a big  poofy mess lol, so basically if there are extreme conditions outside wear your hair UP!I left my twists in from my shower,towel blotted them dry and put my satin bonnet on,and a knit Beanie hat,...I want to protect my ends from harsh weather it's the easiest protective style,I hope it warms back up so I can wear it out this week.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Im 19 :), Im from Chicago,Illinois COLLEGE STUDENT, studying at JACKSON STATE UNIVERSITY in Jackson, Mississippi majoring in MASS COMMUNICATIONS with a concentration of multimedia journalism. I absoulutely LOVE natural hair and i fell in love with my own but I havent always been so embracing, I had a relaxer from the age of 7-17. I went natural because I had a BAD experience with hair dye, and it dried and SPLIT MY ENDS so bad I just didnt want the color or perm anymore. Although I was going throught the "transition" I WORE MY HAIR STRAIGHT AT ALL TIMES AND IT BROKE OFF AGAIN :( so, I realized either I was going to be natural and wear my hair straight or natural and embrace my curls, I chose to embrace my curls and they are beautiful, almost like artwork every one curl is unique and must be treated with care. I decided to start a blog to help out other people with natural hair that are new to the game and want to grow out their hair as well, it is to learn from one another and a great support system, reading my posts you will see im not perfect and my hair is a hobby I try new stuff all the time and take risks, I know protective styling isnt for me so I just do not even bother. Plus im in college and i mean i want to look cute sometime lol, I love to flaunt my curly fro, it is worth showing off! Also, this site is to bring together naturals, and help give people with relaxers that extra push to go natural, its way safer and healthier! :) I LOVE blogging, my hair, fashion, and my family I hope you all enjoy my blog.



Friday, November 25, 2011


In the process of making my most popular post very handy for you guys:).... my homepage will CONTAIN ALL MY POST, however, i have added tabs to help quickly find videos or post about certain subjects!only certain things will be under the labels most content will still be found ON THE HOME PAGE im just trying to make your visits a little easier.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everybody;)!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my poo regimen.

ITS OKAY to still refer to my shampoo regimen because ill still be using that on a monthly basis, however, my updated regimen for a daily basis WILL be the CG method/ Conditioner only...from now on UNLESS
I have a reason to go back, but its still a good regimen to follow!Again Ill be using it once a month!!!

Curly Girl method

MY ROUTINE!Just in aren't sure of what the Curly Girl/Conditioner only method is...basically Curly Girl and Conditioner only are one in the same but this is my understanding and how I DO the CURLY GIRL/CONDITIONER ONLY METHOD!
Alright so basically here is the method and what it means, and why it is beneficial to girls with CURLY HAIR (thus the name curly girl method) It is really just Conditioner Only, and it is a method of cleansing your hair in such a way as to retain and impart as much moisture as possible. Conditioner CAN be used to CLEAN hair, so many people think only shampoo cleanses which is completely false, conditioners work well with CURLY hair, i personally think the CG and Conditioner only method work best for people in the 3 category of hair, I'm a 3c and it works perfectly for me, I saw results after the first wash, Now I DECIDED to go Cg and CONDITIONER only because I'm on a growth challenge, and moisture retention will help in length retention which is my goal!...also because my hair is curly and i just got tired of it being a big frizz ball, CG/Co-washing helped me and my hair understand each other, my curls just needed some TLC and now Im going to give them just that!Honestly speaking you don’t need to wash your hair daily, and you don’t need to use harsh cleansers and sulfates to clean your scalp and hair.YOU SHOULD CO-WASH IF: you have a sensitive scalp and could or is allergic to sulfates,and if you have curly hair its also for people with extremely dry and fragile hair, and for people who are looking to GROW their HAIR LONG!!!....yes that's right to GROW HAIR LONG!!!!
Best part is... co-wash conditioners are CHEAP!!! lol you can use vo5...suave, herbal essences, I choose to use SUAVE and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration because these work for MY hair, research and try and figure out what works best for your curls.!
-wet your hair with warm or cool water
-apply conditioner to scalp ( I pour conditioner in palm rub on finger tips like lotion and then massage into scalp for even distribution)
-massage your scalp and apply conditioner to hair, gently rubbing in paying attention to each clump of curls.
-NURTURE your ends, pay attention to your ends!REMEMBER!!the healthier your hair the less trims you'll need the longer your hair will grow.!
-rinse with cool water OR for the Conditioner only Co-WASH N GO rinse with cool water and REAPPLY some conditioner for curl definition.!
freshly washed with suave conditioner MUCH more defined curls!
-We will be on this journey together.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cg method

Fresh curls after the Curly Girl Routine;))!

Sooner or later

Soon Ill be posting a video and written response on "Why I Went Natural" because so many people mainly in my personal life ask me and seem to be so intrigued with my new lifestyle I'm now deemed as "afro-centric" which is categorizing me and definitely stereotypical buuuut yeah ill be clarifying that soon!:)

Because you ask...

I feel like Facebook nor twitter are the place for my thoughts... i needed my own writing space... that's why i started a blog...(for everybody that keeps asking)...its my open journal...more people should get one...actually...and as far as MY HAIR i went natural because(I WANTED TO) was best for me, and my views on relaxed hair have changed with my maturity,..its deeper to me than  "straight" hair i JUST feel like this is ME, take it or leave it...raw&uncut no edits... its me, I'm comfortable with again...this isn't the place for my thoughts,but i just felt i needed to clarify and answer some questions that i have been receiving.
-crazy how ppl think a BAD change o_0 I'm sill me, I'm more Me than I've ever been actually.!

MY VIEW: Healthy Relation/Friendships.

MY view on relationships... hmmm(me thinking while i write) well I think people do not know how to date anymore, and the respect for relationships have decreased! Women don't want to be "tied down" and men don't want to commit, but honestly how is being with someone you like...being tied down, it shouldn't even be viewed as being tied down... that's so rude and inconsiderate. So now...because we have this group of anti-relationship beings, we have a group of emotionally attached beings...willing to be in a relationship but the selfish ways of anti-relationship people prevent them from doing that, I do not think its fair if YOU LIKE someone, enjoy being with them and talking to them, having a relationship and being together shouldn't be a task, its just establishing" We are together, I like you, you like me, lets try this thing" that DOESN'T mean  you are trying to get married so why run from that? the most incorrect thing to me is not even attempting a relationship...for Women and men...your mate could be that one person that have always been there for you, liked you through everything...To often we OVERLOOK the person that's right for us or even continue to look when all along he/she is the person that's been in your face all have been searching and couldnt find because they have been there all along... that person that ACCEPTS you for you, LOVES everything about you, ACCEPT and appreciate you for you...even your flaws, UNDERSTANDS you aren't perfect, HAS been there for you when no one else was, helped you pick up the pieces from a past bad relationship and nurtured you back to happiness, genuinely cares about you, your well being, your happiness, and enjoys being with you, someone that does selfless acts...the man/woman that shows you they care...that have proven time and time before...they are worthy...YOUR FRIEND.! EVERY relationship MUST stem from a friendship those are the relationships that last the is is important to establish a friendship at the beginning or else all else will fail...the happiest people in relationships were friends before partners...the most important thing is being a friend, establishing a friendship will help you become comfortable talking to one another it will strengthen trust and communication.!Getting to know the person you are interested in will be easier when you establish a friendship,...RUSHING is not the way to go,...sometimes its hard because you know what you want...but you still have to gradually get there a rushed relationship=a failed relationship because honestly what do you know about that person?I guess this all goes back to me saying we look past "the one" all the time, because he or she will have these will hit you because you'll realize you trust this person, you like this person, you have fun with this person, you laugh and smile with this person, and believe it or not you're ATTRACTED to this person physically, its crazy because emotionally, mentally, physically, and sometimes spiritually you have this connection with this person but you've kept it at a "friend" level which is fine because of course relationships must stem from a with this being said... don't go and kiss and grope your best-friend or friend, but realize maybe your relationships are failing because you are with someone that doesn't even know you, you could be overlooking that one "friend" you enjoy hanging patient and enjoy friendships, make long lasting friendships...cherish  them because one day...your closest friend...just might become more.SO...people there is NOTHING wrong with relationships...just get in the RIGHT one,... don't run from it, you might lose out!:) we all have this anti-relationship phase *raises hand* guilty as charged but that's only because we chose the wrong person to get in a relationship this point in my life I'm going to try to be MORE open,...and experience dating in a better and happier way, however, I'm not going to rush into anything, I appreciate the bonds i make with people.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Old wash ngo

Hadn't realized how much my hair had grown WOW!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Curly Girl Routine

I began the Curly Girl method today :) and finger coiled my hair...for the first time.
POSTING results in the a.m :)

Curly Girl Method...

Things You'll Need
  • Curly hair
  • Hair gel
  • Leave-in cream
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Old t-shirt, microfiber towel, or paper towels
  1. Clarify AND CLEAN with a sulfate shampoo before beginning. This will cleanse your hair of any silicones--ingredients in some hair products that are not water soluble.
  3. USE a wide tooth comb!
  4. Don’t shampoo your hair. Most shampoos contain drying sulfates that are very damaging for curly hair They make curly hair frizzy and uncooperative. Using conditioner in place of shampoo will cleanse the hair just as effectively without stripping it of moisture.
  5. WASH with conditioner, wash scalp with conditioner gently message and loosen dirt with fingertips
  6. Distribute conditioner throughout all of your hair and untangle gently. Use your hands or a wide-toothed comb. Start by untangling bottom sections of your hair and then gradually move upwards. Let the conditioner sit in your hair for five minutes or so for extra moisture. You also may want to part your hair at this point with a comb. Part your hair to the side to prevent "triangle-shaped" hair.
  7. Do the final rinse of your hair with cool or cold water. This will decrease frizz and add shine. Leave some conditioner in your hair, especially in dry sections like the ends. It is fine to run your fingers through your hair gently, but do not comb your hair after this point.
  8. Apply products to your hair. Do it while it is soaking wet if you have curlier hair, but wait five minutes or so if you have medium to wavy curly hair. Put product in your hands and rub them together to emulsify. Then, smooth or rake the product into your hair by sections. A common method is to begin with a leave-in cream or conditioner to decrease frizz and then follow with a gel for hold and definition.
  9. Gently scrunch your hair with a t-shirt, paper towels, or a micro-fiber towel to remove excess moisture, as a generic terrycloth towel will make your hair frizzy. You may wish to finger shape your curls at this time instead. Next, wait five or so minutes so the hair can permanently assume its current shape.
  10. Dry your hair. Air drying is the easiest and gentlest way to dry your hair.
Give your hair time to get used to the routine, it might take a couple weeks.


Loving my wash n go y'all;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update: Natural Hair

Just clarifying some things about my growth.and hair journey.


video response to my written post "WHO WAS I KIDDING" lol for those of you who DONT LIKE TO READ!!!!oh and me taking down my bands from my wash n go lol.

Wash n go

Wash n Go with Cantu Shea butter only.


So, I was watching MY video on my hair journey and I realized I have only been NATURAL FOR A LITTLE OVER A YEAR!!!almost 3 years? please who was i kidding?lol! I yes I stopped getting a perm, when I was 17 however I did not cut that relaxed hair, AND i wore it straight at all times  MY HAIR WAS NOT GROWING AT ALL!!! it wasn't until i got to college in august of 2010 i really saw how unnatural lol my hair really was, so fragile and short, even split ends!... second semester of my freshman year which was Dec of 2010 i decided to get a sew-in weave, I loved it, and obviously my hair did too, I wasn't burning it anymore with the FLAT IRON!!!and so I recieved about maybe 3 inches of new growth over the course of my sew-in stage, I finally let the weave go in June of 2011 ( I had VIRGIN INDIAN HAIR so it lasted the course of those months lol)!... I wasnt feeling the puffy, nappy, curly, shrunken new hair I had, and plus, I still had relaxed ends, so I went back to the weave for about a week or two, and eventually got tired and asked my mom to just trim, and clip my ends and SO THAT WAS THE END OF MY PERM lol! I started experimenting with my hair, I found YOUTUBE and became obsessed with all the long haired women, so I decided to start my own growth journey, which is where I am now, so honestly speaking, I'm NEW to being NATURAL!i count my journey from DEC of 2010 because HONESTLY speaking that's when my NEW HAIR STARTED GROWING.YES I DID NOT HAVE A RELAXER, BUT NO MY HAIR DID NOT GROW, MY NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY BEGAN IN DEC OF 2010, SO I AM ALMOST A YEAR IN! JUST FOR A YEAR...I HAVE SEEN ALOT OF GROWTH AND THAT'S BECAUSE I HONESTLY TAKE CARE OF MY HAIR, NOW DURING THIS TIME I DID WEAR PROTECTIVE STYLES, BUT FOR THE PAST 2 MONTHS I HAVE BEEN WEARING WASH N GO'S!





My shampoo regimen has changed

I just detangle with water and conditioner I finger detangle first then use my wide tooth comb, and of course my denmen.
after I'm done finger detangling I braid that section, and apply shampoo MANE N TAIL to my scalp and just gently scratch off oil and dirt on scalp.
I do that until all sections are complete, and then hop in the shower, of course i shampoo each section SEPARATELY but right before I'm about to rinse shampoo out a section I APPLY MY CONDITIONER!!!!i found that by doing this it helps restore moisture to your hair, because of course shampoo does strip the hair, SO IF YOU ARE LIKE ME AND WILL CONTINUE TO USE COMMERCIAL SHAMPOO THIS TECHNIQUE WILL BE GREAT FOR YOU!
after i rinse the shampoo and conditioner out i apply my regular conditioner again and braid that section up, i shampoo each section until I am done and once every section is braided with the conditioner i just let the water run on my hair and scalp rinsing out my last application of conditioner, leaving the braids in because I do not want to detangle all over again.
now your hair is washed and not dried out,its well moisturized and conditioned this method will allow you to stretch your deep conditioning if needed!AND STOP YOU FROM USING SO MANY PRODUCTS RIGHT AFTER YOU'VE WASHED YOUR HAIR TRYING TO LOCK IN MOISTURE and RESTORE MOISTURE!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Wash n go.

Too protective

I realized today that, I'm becoming too protective of my hair, I'm losing my cuteness, I wear my hair out 3 days a week Monday Wednesday and Friday, other than those 2 days it's hidden under a bonnet and thick Beanie hat, I read and she has the same problem, I mean it is great that I protect my hair from damage it's also bad that I keep denying myself of style,frumpy hats are Not cute, however it's a.easy shortcut to protective styling,I hate double strand twists because they aren't cute on me I have 3c hair and it's so curly that they tend to only last a couple of days:/  so I always feel like Im wasting my time,I only wear them when I feel like I wanna really not do my hair or wash it for a whole week straight,otherwise I don't but I always twist them together anyway lol. But I mean if you find yourself being "too protective" and losing your edge of cuteness,just try to wear your hair out more, I mean I wear wash n go's. I don't manipulate my hair so often so it should be easy to just wear it out.Be protective BUT cute!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hair is growing

Ignore the face

Haha my face looks angry ,smh lol but yeah this is my puff again,back again lol.

College student closet

Soooo this is an OUTFIT OF THE DAY,;) 
:Jean jacket,tank,purple cargo skinny jeans,pink Uggs!


This was a quick puff I did on my hair to run to grab a bite to eat!turned out cute,it was an old wash n go...shrinkage did exist lol.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A post for my sister @Brit_Brat_Brit (on twitter)

:) it is oh so important to detangle hair, however sometimes we put too much stress on it by using combs and brushes, we end up with more shedding then we are supposed to have! to avoid ripping out my hair with a brush or comb, i thoroughly finger detangle my hair in the shower EVERY TIME i co-wash or shampoo, you cant be scared of conditioner, conditioner is your friend,so use it it helps soften your hair, that way you aren't ripping it out. i also spray a detangler on the hair, this will really helps loosen the tangles and knots, just be patient and gentle with finger detangling, its the most effective ,method for detangling.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

refreshing banded wash n go

October 3 length check...probably almost about where my hair is now Nov of 2011

I transitioned for a while(over a year), im FULLY natural now, and its been about FOUR months of completely natural, my MOTHER trimmed the REST of my perm off in JUNE of 2011, my hair just began to take off from then, that is when i began to wear my hair in its natural state all the you can see my hair is cut in layers,i hate long,flat boring hair,i like body and curls for whenever i do wear it straight.This length check was a month ago so i do not know if my hair has grown from then...i do not check monthly.just wanted to show my length.a way for me to keep up with growth.probably will be my only blowout til may 2012.

My Secrets

I've shared all my hair secrets with my blog :) so if you read it oh so often do not forget to follow or even comment just to let me know how you are ejoying the information I share, I honestly love sharing my experiences, and my hair care with my blog, :) because I know there are naturals out there that need help, or even ideas with their hair! I hope my tips and my hair regimen aids in helping someone else achieve their desired hair, just remember to nurture your hair it WILL grow, I'm on my hair growth journey and I refuse to do a length check every month I will do one every six months just so I wont drive myself crazy, do NOT become obsessive with your hair, too much stress on your hair can STUNT growth, do as many low maintenance and protective styles as possible!
Thanks for reading.!

Hair products I use

Herbal essences is  A GREAT LINE OF HAIR CARE PRODUCTS too often us natural girls, African american girls don't think its for textured or African american hair but it works well. I typically ONLY use the shampoo(tousled me softly shampoo to be exact)when I'm co-washing and it is too much product on my hair, its not as harsh or a deep cleansing as Mane n Tale, so i use just a little to get excess oil and product off between my real Shampoo day, however I co-wash with the conditioner oh so often, Hello hydration conditioner is sooooo moisturizing i LOVE it, it makes detangling SO easy, so you naturals that think herbal essences isn't for our hair type, just try it.

Hair products I use

handy spray bottles lol :) one has water in it and the other has extra virgin olive oil in it.!

Hair products I use

RAW SHEA BUTTER(or AFRICAN BUTTER) is great omg it leaves your hair so soft and conditioned i just fell in love with it.the CANTU shea butter is so soft and light i use this as a moisturizer for every style i wear, especially when i do the baggy method. i use the coconut oil just as a hairstyle refresher you know in between a wash, when your hair need a little oil, or refreshing.

Hair products I use

 These are all the oils i looooove to use carrot oil smells good to me, and i bought the one with a mixture of tea tree oil because i love what tea tree oil does, the herbal oil is a good replacement for extra virgin olive oil, for when you run out, or just want to preserve it, it works just as great! and the tea tree oil is great because it really helps eliminate bacteria, fungus, it helps with the common dry itchy scalp too. i usually do a tea tree oil pre-poo treatment.

Hair products I use

SUAVE PRODUCTS hmmm i like the conditioner it moisturizes well and does what a conditioner is supposed to do, as far as the Captivating Curls mousse i honestly only usedd it once, and i didnt put it on my whole head lol im  gonna do a review on it soon, but the portion i applied it to it curled normally and it was NOT hard.

Hair products I use

This is Eco Styler... i typically honestly dont use this because it makes hair hard, i like defined curls not crunchy curls, its great in a shea mixture though, i wouldn't recommend this, unless you really want your wash n go to last for quite some time.

Hair products I Use

Homemade shea: hair pudding, works so great with my wash n go's im so happy the mixture came out great.

Hair products I use

I use this to smooth my hair when wearing a puff or updo.

Hair Products I USE

Main n Tale Shampoo,Conditioner and Detangler... shampoo is GREAT! I LOVE IT,conditioner also works great too, the detangler serves as a leave in conditioner as we'll,also a great product.


I almost always wear a wash and go, I've tried a twist out/braid out and they don't look right on me, I hate them on me personally. I've done Bantu Knots they look pretty but take over 24 hours to completely dry sometimes,... it seems that my hair just reacts well to a plain,low maintenance WASH N GO,I love them bc I get to wash my hair more often and wet it,my hair enjoys water/moisture, and its growing well because of water. But yeah my protective style of choice is a Wash n Go simply because its easy to maintain,and aid in healthy Hair Growth.


I've never shared my regimen! Okay so here it is,
First I section my hair in FOUR puffs then;
-PREPOO treatment,I massage tea tree oil onto my scalp and hair,leave it on for about 7 min.
-I wash my hair with MANE n TALE shampoo one section at a time
-Apply Mane n Tale conditioner and finger detangle in the shower to get rid of shedded hair.
-Then I apply some leave in conditioner spray by Carols daughter to seal in moisture,depending on the style I begin my SEALING IN THE MOISTURE process, I seal the spray with a oil more than likely Extra Virgin Olive Oil,and seal that with CANTU shea butter. If I'm wearing a Wash n Go I skip these steps and just apply my Shea mixture because it has all the things I need to seal in moisture BUT I always spray a leave in first.
~I RARELY DO A HOT OIL TREATMENT OR DEEP CONDITION deep conditioning and hot oils go hand in hand I usually put oil in my hair before applying the conditioner,unless I'm using an actual deep conditioning cream like CAROLS DAUGHTER moisturizing hair smoothie which works well but is difficult to rinse completely out.
For Deep Conditioning/Hot Oils Treatment I;
-Section off my hair in four puffs
-Spray water on each section before apply oil,get your hair shafts working and roughed up so that the oil can do its job!
-Apply warm{I submerge mine into HOT water}oil (tea tree oil,extra virgin olive oil, carrot oil,herbal oil,WHATEVER oil I prefer that day lol) to hair and scalp and gently message.
-Apply Conditioner
-Twists/braid hair in sections so that the oil and conditioner can soak into hair and scalp.
-Apply a shower cap and sit under the dryer 20 min or wrap a warm towel for about 10-15 min.
-Rinse out well,and style.
-I baggy once or twice a week to retain moisture, the baggy method helps you retain length by retaining moisture its really easy too, I usually section my hair, 4 puffs, spray water on the ends and add oil to the ends and put a shower cap on.! It helps a lot, ends are left revived and moisturized!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


SEALING IN THE MOISTURE IS SO IMPORTANT!!!! PERSONALLY WHEN I SEAL IN MOISTURE IN MY HAIR I USE THE POPULAR "LOC" METHOD Liquid Oil and Cream! for liquid i use my leave in conditioner from CAROLS DAUGHTER it works really well for me i LOVE it, you must use it immediately after your hair is wet, because you want to lock in the moisture from water before it evaporates will totally defeat the purpose and you'll fail in sealing your hair, for oil i use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the Cream step varies for me because i use a lot of different things, depending on how i feel and the condition my hair is in, sometimes i use unrefined(raw) shea butter, and sometimes i simply use CAROLS DAUGHTER hair butter, but for some reason i love the smell of CANTU SHEA BUTTER cream so i use that as well lol even as the fourth step lol,the smell is so enticing!!!

everyone loved it!

I did my first banded wash and go today, everyone loved the results, especially the definition my hair pudding gave me, i was in love with it myself. I'm going to make a video on maintaining the style next, that will be uploaded probably Tuesday of next week. I am excited because it actually worked I know this style will actually last.

Wash and go picture


Saturday, November 5, 2011

A thing to remember:BANDING

When dealing with natural hair you must realize that no stretching technique will fully stretch your hair as a flat iron or hot comb would, even then sometimes your hair isn't stretched as far as it can be, so while banding does stretch it, realize if you do my method it is STILL a wash and go, it is going to elongate the curls but they will NOT be stretched to its maximum.and every technique isn't for everybody, so don't be discouraged if your results aren't exactly like mine or someone else  that you've seen, my hair shrinks but I don't mind shrinking, my only focus is length retention and healthy moisturized hair.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Here is ANOTHER photo of my banding technique...and my pretty bow tattoo lol!


Another photo of my hair banded!

How to: Banding Method

So I have been updating abt hairstyles and haircare,even health tips but I haven't went into depth about how I actually do certain things to maintain healthy hair. I am currently trying a "Wash n Go" Challenge its just something I'm doing to help grow my hair...that's all...I'm goin to wear a wash n go because its very low maintenance and its CUTE lol! But anyway to wear a wash and go the way I like, I usually stretch my hair...I've been using a diffuser for about a week BUT I tweeted my go to natural hair youtuber lol twitter:@IamAliciaJames she is absolutely lovely btw! But yeah,she told me it shouldn't do any damage as long as I used a heat protectant...howeeeever she wouldn't use this method,and I'm not too big on heat being applied to my hair SO I RESEARCHED and came across this stretching method called BANDING! I use a GOODY hair tie, and actually just wrap it around the hair loose until all the goody band is gone,to define and help set my curls, I just used my homemade hair pudding(inform me if you'd like to learn more) and some extra virgin olive oil just to seal in moisture! I like this method because it is safe and easy,I did this on still wet freshly shampooed and conditioned hair,im going to post pictures on the end result in the morning.!

New product!

Im trying some Carols Daughter!....I use the healthy hair butter just to kind of moisturize my hair,today was the first time I used the hair smoothie...i loooove it,it hydrates and moisturize hair well,and the spray is a leave in conditioning spray that even helps DETANGLE! happy with my purchase.

Hair Pudding/pomade!

I MADE my OWN hair pudding today and I'm using it in a Wash and Go,its going to aid in healthy hair...and maintaining my curls in my wash and go!I am excited because this will help me in my wash and go challenge!I use the hair pudding right after I shampooed and conditioned my hair,and I'm using the banding method to stretch my hair remember NO HEAT!! ;)!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 4 of my wash and go!

This is day four of my wash and go,...i just wear a bonnet at night and moisturize with cantu shea butter in the morning,i wore it in a puff again today though,i realized I do not like wearing "afro puffs" or "afro's" because it tangles the hair making you lose more hair in the detangling process, and I dont like pulling my hair back and putting stress on my edges and nape! I like the look but its not a everyday style especially for me,im trying to retain as much length as I can! remember if you wear the puffs and afro you have to be extra careful when detangling because the hair tends to knot more.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Protective style challenge.

This is day 3 of my wash and go,gonna redo it probably Friday! Wore it in a puff ponytail today! :).i can see my hair puff is getting bigger!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So this is horrible im sitting in class and im thinking about water. Lol well, I know it sounds wierd but I just came from working out of course working on my lifestyle change but on my way to class people kept asking me what I put in my hair to "get it like that"... Im assuming they mean kinky curly, and I thought water lol,i co wash my hair with water every other day,but water is the best hair growth aid as well as WEIGHT LOSS aid! Its so important to drink water,i realized today I have a vitamin B deficiency so I have to take a supplement,the B Complex vitamin and it unfortunately makes me pass water more quickly but its good because the more water the more hair growth and weight loss soooo DRINK more water :)!It works for us not against us.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I've completed my transition to going NATURAL now its time for me to move on with my lifestyle change the next step is fitness, I have a goal and plan on accomplishing it... staying focused and motivated will help you along the way! if you want something go after it, it will not come to you, you MUST work for what you want.

Protective style

This is a wash and go I did today im gonna try to make it last at least for 3 days (fingers crossed).


Wearing my afro today,its been cold soooo I DIFFUSED it ;) so it won't b soaking wet! I looooove the look!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wash and go!

WATER!!!Water is the best hydration and moisturizer for hair, it is too often where people assume, hair should stay away from water, Co-Washing hair weekly or every couple of days does wonders especially for growth!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Protective style

Okay so protective styling is a huge part of having and growing natural healthy hair, I'm going to challenge myself to a low effort style and keep it for at least 2-3 weeks, low maintenance encourages hair growth. So because I'm on a hair journey I will challenge myself to wearing a protective style! ;)I'm going to use double strand twists and bantu knot outs as my protective style of choice.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Ultimate Hair goal

i Just love huge hair my hair goal is to have a nice healthy afro like Erykah Badu.