Friday, November 4, 2011

How to: Banding Method

So I have been updating abt hairstyles and haircare,even health tips but I haven't went into depth about how I actually do certain things to maintain healthy hair. I am currently trying a "Wash n Go" Challenge its just something I'm doing to help grow my hair...that's all...I'm goin to wear a wash n go because its very low maintenance and its CUTE lol! But anyway to wear a wash and go the way I like, I usually stretch my hair...I've been using a diffuser for about a week BUT I tweeted my go to natural hair youtuber lol twitter:@IamAliciaJames she is absolutely lovely btw! But yeah,she told me it shouldn't do any damage as long as I used a heat protectant...howeeeever she wouldn't use this method,and I'm not too big on heat being applied to my hair SO I RESEARCHED and came across this stretching method called BANDING! I use a GOODY hair tie, and actually just wrap it around the hair loose until all the goody band is gone,to define and help set my curls, I just used my homemade hair pudding(inform me if you'd like to learn more) and some extra virgin olive oil just to seal in moisture! I like this method because it is safe and easy,I did this on still wet freshly shampooed and conditioned hair,im going to post pictures on the end result in the morning.!

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