Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Too protective

I realized today that, I'm becoming too protective of my hair, I'm losing my cuteness, I wear my hair out 3 days a week Monday Wednesday and Friday, other than those 2 days it's hidden under a bonnet and thick Beanie hat, I read www.curlynikki.com and she has the same problem, I mean it is great that I protect my hair from damage it's also bad that I keep denying myself of style,frumpy hats are Not cute, however it's a.easy shortcut to protective styling,I hate double strand twists because they aren't cute on me I have 3c hair and it's so curly that they tend to only last a couple of days:/  so I always feel like Im wasting my time,I only wear them when I feel like I wanna really not do my hair or wash it for a whole week straight,otherwise I don't but I always twist them together anyway lol. But I mean if you find yourself being "too protective" and losing your edge of cuteness,just try to wear your hair out more, I mean I wear wash n go's. I don't manipulate my hair so often so it should be easy to just wear it out.Be protective BUT cute!

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