Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've never shared my regimen! Okay so here it is,
First I section my hair in FOUR puffs then;
-PREPOO treatment,I massage tea tree oil onto my scalp and hair,leave it on for about 7 min.
-I wash my hair with MANE n TALE shampoo one section at a time
-Apply Mane n Tale conditioner and finger detangle in the shower to get rid of shedded hair.
-Then I apply some leave in conditioner spray by Carols daughter to seal in moisture,depending on the style I begin my SEALING IN THE MOISTURE process, I seal the spray with a oil more than likely Extra Virgin Olive Oil,and seal that with CANTU shea butter. If I'm wearing a Wash n Go I skip these steps and just apply my Shea mixture because it has all the things I need to seal in moisture BUT I always spray a leave in first.
~I RARELY DO A HOT OIL TREATMENT OR DEEP CONDITION SEPERATELY.my deep conditioning and hot oils go hand in hand I usually put oil in my hair before applying the conditioner,unless I'm using an actual deep conditioning cream like CAROLS DAUGHTER moisturizing hair smoothie which works well but is difficult to rinse completely out.
For Deep Conditioning/Hot Oils Treatment I;
-Section off my hair in four puffs
-Spray water on each section before apply oil,get your hair shafts working and roughed up so that the oil can do its job!
-Apply warm{I submerge mine into HOT water}oil (tea tree oil,extra virgin olive oil, carrot oil,herbal oil,WHATEVER oil I prefer that day lol) to hair and scalp and gently message.
-Apply Conditioner
-Twists/braid hair in sections so that the oil and conditioner can soak into hair and scalp.
-Apply a shower cap and sit under the dryer 20 min or wrap a warm towel for about 10-15 min.
-Rinse out well,and style.
-I baggy once or twice a week to retain moisture, the baggy method helps you retain length by retaining moisture its really easy too, I usually section my hair, 4 puffs, spray water on the ends and add oil to the ends and put a shower cap on.! It helps a lot, ends are left revived and moisturized!

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