Saturday, November 19, 2011


So, I was watching MY video on my hair journey and I realized I have only been NATURAL FOR A LITTLE OVER A YEAR!!!almost 3 years? please who was i kidding?lol! I yes I stopped getting a perm, when I was 17 however I did not cut that relaxed hair, AND i wore it straight at all times  MY HAIR WAS NOT GROWING AT ALL!!! it wasn't until i got to college in august of 2010 i really saw how unnatural lol my hair really was, so fragile and short, even split ends!... second semester of my freshman year which was Dec of 2010 i decided to get a sew-in weave, I loved it, and obviously my hair did too, I wasn't burning it anymore with the FLAT IRON!!!and so I recieved about maybe 3 inches of new growth over the course of my sew-in stage, I finally let the weave go in June of 2011 ( I had VIRGIN INDIAN HAIR so it lasted the course of those months lol)!... I wasnt feeling the puffy, nappy, curly, shrunken new hair I had, and plus, I still had relaxed ends, so I went back to the weave for about a week or two, and eventually got tired and asked my mom to just trim, and clip my ends and SO THAT WAS THE END OF MY PERM lol! I started experimenting with my hair, I found YOUTUBE and became obsessed with all the long haired women, so I decided to start my own growth journey, which is where I am now, so honestly speaking, I'm NEW to being NATURAL!i count my journey from DEC of 2010 because HONESTLY speaking that's when my NEW HAIR STARTED GROWING.YES I DID NOT HAVE A RELAXER, BUT NO MY HAIR DID NOT GROW, MY NATURAL HAIR JOURNEY BEGAN IN DEC OF 2010, SO I AM ALMOST A YEAR IN! JUST FOR A YEAR...I HAVE SEEN ALOT OF GROWTH AND THAT'S BECAUSE I HONESTLY TAKE CARE OF MY HAIR, NOW DURING THIS TIME I DID WEAR PROTECTIVE STYLES, BUT FOR THE PAST 2 MONTHS I HAVE BEEN WEARING WASH N GO'S!

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  1. great,i hope to eventually do the same.