Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mahogany Curls inspired wash n go.

Usually I NEVER use Eco-Styler but the longer my hair gets the more similar it looks to MahagonyCurls via which I totalllllly LOVE  but anyway recently on her blog she has tried Eco-Styler again on her hair, so I said to myself okay if she can give it one more go I figured so could I especially since gel is known to give you more than 2 day hair, I was all in.So heres what I did:

  •  I co-washed my hair
  •  left about 20% of the conditioner in
  • squeezed the remaining water out
  • finger detangled in four sections
  • applied a small amount of conditioner to each detangled section
  • applied a small amount of Eco to each section
  • went through each section and smoothed my curls instead of raking because my hair is much more defined that way
  • smoothed down my edges&waited to dry
  • PINEAPPLE at night!
The end results are posted as pictures and I loved it HOWEVER I did realized some things I would have done differently like a little more conditioner and less gel, this is because after applying gel to each section I added MORE when i smoothed my curls which was not necessary but at the time I thought it was and it led to crunchy hair which of course I did not like. But, all in all I might just incorporate the Eco once again. Thanks to MahoganyCurls :)
Pineapple to stretch at night.
Right after i finished smoothing my curls

texture shot
Smiling right before bed, slept on my satin pillow case.

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