Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Hair

This weekend I was totally not feeling doing the hair lol, so I co-washed and did two flat twists I really enjoyed this because, it shows the features of my face, without the big fro in the way and it gives a cute but "Plain Jane" type of look that I was surely going for to match my sweats and cami infested weekend. Saturday I went and re-upped on some hair products:Suave Naturals,VO5,Oil,Shower Caps,and ECO STYLER ! I used Eco-Styler on my edges in the flat twists hairstyle to give it a more clean look, next time I will use more Eco-Styler on the edges all around my head not just the front, the Eco-Styler made the front look very neat.. I bought some Oil because since I've been on my Curly Girl Routine I haven't given my hair  HOT OIL TREATMENT now of course I really do not feel I need one but why not give your hair a little extra TLC it wont hurt and I feel I can at least incorporate one in each month since I rarely ever use anything except conditioner.

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