Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I was just reading a post on Jamila's site when I came across an old post from about one year ago! This post was the KIM Cole GROW OUT CHALLENGE I was still into my weaves then so I politely ignored this challenge lol and kept getting my sew ins. Now one year natural I feel I am going to fully COMMIT to the GROWTH&HEALTH of my hair(&body)!!! I am at a point in my life where I need to take control to see the results I want. Below are both my hair &health regimen for the next 6 months. From July 11 2012-January 11 2013. After that time period is over I will length check and measure myself and start the challenge over til my 21st birthday in July 2013.! Please challenge yourselves with me if you either have a length goal or health goal lets make our goals together and Stay motivated EACH month I will post an UPDATE on both my weight loss and HAIR GROWTH!!!!!

Health wise I must make certain changes in my diet:
  • Drinking ONLY WATER, AS MUCH AS I NEED NO LESS THAN 64 oz a day
  • Minimize my intake red meats
  • Eat Smaller portions
  • Snack regularly with FRUIT and or VEGGIES
  • Exercise at LEAST 20 min a day...(crunches,squats,jumping jacks, get my metabolism worked up)
  • B-Complex vitamin
For my Natural Hair I must continue to do what I am for my hair to maintain its health and length retention:

  • Drinking 64 oz of water DAILY!!!!!!!
  • Massage Scalp to circulate blood flow for HEALTHY hair growth daily
  • NO more hand in hair syndrome 
  • Keep it simple and low manipulated
  • Deep Condition EVERY week with a Hot Oil treatment
  • Co-wash every 2 days(I wear wash n go's)
  • NEVER comb but ALWAYS finger detangle
  • Satin/ silk pillowcase or Bonnet EVERY NIGHT
  • Utilize baggy method on days I do not Co-wash(at night)

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