Monday, July 23, 2012

Finally Length check time.

                                   LENGTH CHECK
July 2012 length
Here is my first Official length year of growth i began my growth journey last year July 2011 with chin length hair. In the video Make sure you remember  my hair are in twists so of course you're not going to get the full length it ll seem like I'm pulling my ends to make it look longer BUT I am not HONESTLY, my hair are in twists so some parts will be more dense then others. but where my fingers usually stop is where my hair is as far as length again remember my hair is in twists so I wont be giving FULL length. But anyway IM HAPPY:) its grown A LOT.! My next Length check will not be until January 2013... so be on the look out. Also  please support the YouTube page if you want to see more videos.

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