Monday, July 2, 2012


I ALWAYS wear a SIDE part, I really don't know why but I am quite sure that it is because when my hair is straight I wear a side part with the hair falling over my left eye lol. So naturally it is what I am used to wearing, I hope nobody else has this weird habit going on because with natural hair if you consistently do the same thing you will become BORED and uninspired trust me I know I'm going through this phase now because I wear wash n go's all the time which I do because it helps my moisture retention which of course leads to length retention and I have not quite got into the habit of protective styling probably because I really like wearing my curly fro and personally protective styling can become a little plain however, every once in a while I will twist it up and out of the way to preserve and give my ends a little protection.
Damp Wash n Go with Eco-Styler just on my edges.
Another look at my Wash n Go
Being crazy lol


  1. what do you use on your hair to get it to look like this and is it affordable...this is kelsey

  2. Hey Kelsey!
    I just wash my hair and apply conditioner in it,... i use fairly inexpensive products too, this wash n go was probably acheived with suave naturals conditioner