Monday, July 23, 2012

Im back!!

I know I have been gone for a while I bet people are like seriously a whole week Brielle?? lol but to my defense I did post and say Id be gone for a while, anyway I am back from Texas it was a very fun trip I was very grateful and happy that I got to see my sister, and my niece Peyton that little one year old is too much for me lol! The trip was 17 hours in the car... ugh! I slept all the way coming home though lol my dad drove! S?o to him for being so manly wanting to drive the whole way lol!! I did check my youtube page but not my blog that often  HOWEVER my views went up 1k since I've been gone, thanks to my little silent readers lol (seriously though contact me sometime and let me know you're reading) But all in all IM happy to be back blogging!
Yes...yes i know he is handsome lol. my nephew!!

Me and my lil baby Peyton
My mom and Peyton! at the swimming pool
Telling me "I'm not your friend" lol

Sitting in the pot, but not using it lol!
We gave her box braids
Lol in the car riding with a old dry wash n Go. lol it was horrible.
Shrinkage but all my hair couldnt fit in the
Ridind round n gettn it lol!
On my air mattress 
From the car.

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