Friday, July 6, 2012

Family Road Trip!

I love my family it is definitely one of the biggest thing about my personality,Next upcoming weekend My Parents and I will be making a family road-trip down to Texas to see my blog co author aaaaaand big sister  Brittany, the main purpose is to pick up the grandson(my nephew) and bring him back to spend summer with his grandparents BUT we decided to stay for 2 days or so just to visit and I am definitely excited to be able to spend time with the Family, hopefully now we can take some pictures together and we can decide the future of the blog as far as post content.
Im excited because Ill get to spend some time with my Niece :) Toots(one of many nicknames)! So keep reading to stay up to date with the Texas trip Im sure there will be pictures, natural hair, styles, and many posts, never know when us two are reunited!
Back when Britt tried red color
Toots&Her mommy
A look at the fro.
Yes...her! POW!Toots.
Me and Patootie the last time I saw her in April
Big brother duties :)
Scarf UPDO, Im going to force her into a PICTORAL for you guys lol!

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