Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Length Obsessed

My readers are length obsessed. This is a quick post because I am just too amazed at this lol So yesterday I posted a LENGTH CHECK VIDEO which was very very random and impulsive, I just decided to see how long my hair was, it was not a full blown length check because my hair were in twists and not fully stretched or "straightened" but it did the job lol. NOW of course I can see the stats for every post I publish on CoilyCurls but THIS post had over 100 views so soon after I published it, for real y'all???lol THIS NEVER HAPPENS... like never, it was funny because I am like well what do ya know, THEY ARE READING THE BLOG lol!!! Thanks for reading you guys I am elated to know that I have readers and that you guys are enjoying the content. AGAIN, if you are reading let me know, I would love to here from my readers. Click on that CONTACT link and hit a sista up lol!

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