Sunday, July 8, 2012

Not to happy about the twists.

I was super excited yesterday about this new hairstyle"the double strand twists". I'm not all that excited anymore and honestly I'm not really sure if I like them!!!
I love the IDEA of protective styling but I mean it doesn't fit my personality or my style and quite honestly my length retention with wash n gos are is just fine I just really wanted a way to stop picking at my hair when the answer to that is to just stop.!!! I'm still all about protective styling but my style and preferences are wash n gos my hair isn't that long so it does not touch my is more of a fro that sticks of out, I'm kind of disappointed bc I wanted this to work for me but it doesn't look right on my texture or thickness, I look like I'm balding or something :/.
So I'll be BACK curly this week...womp....womp.I need to just accept that I like wash n go's  and there
Is nothing wrong with it there are two types of naturals ones that swear by protective styling and those who prefer low manipulation! I feel as long as the hair is moisturized it WILL grow...rather the ends are tucked away or left out as long as they are moisturized& not left dry.

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