Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wash n go turned twist out

I had an old wash n go...like 3 days! I didn't have time to redo my hair so i just dry twisted it all over and sprayed it with my refresher spritz before bed and when i woke up!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Hairspiration??

Alriiiight so my 20th birthday is Friday...(yup I'm a youngn' hate on lmao) now I REALLY need a hairstyle to wear, I'm not sure what to do, should I stick to my WashnGo?...Should I Bun it up...like I have no clue...seriously :(.
HELP me y'all,...to my readers drop a comment below or shoot me a email.
Oh! Right now my hair are in medium sized twists, have been for hmmm maybe 5 days,...should I stretch the time theyve been in and try a twist out??(Haven't worn one iiiiin months.).
Comment below please.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictures galore

 Before we were natural...

Me transitioning with a twist-out 

Me post relaxer/transitioning

Blown dry post relaxer

Roller Set on transitioning hair

Roller Set

Quick weave...NEVER again even if i wasn't natural! it was cute but God did it itch!!!! 

Post relaxer...still experimenting with color and straightening!! 

Recently with my bun

My red Hair...loved the color hated the up-keep and dryness

Protecting the strands

Double Strands

Bunned it for work in my Wonder Woman shirt!

My bun

Out and About Hair

Playing around at work

Very old straightened hair...peep the edges!
Peyton in box braids

A couple of peytons' cornrowed styles w/ beads

Bunning it Up

In the beginning of the summer, I experimented with buns:)) Here are some of the looks I came up with. Buns are SUPER easy to do very low manipulative and CUTE, but if you Bun often try to place the bun in a different spot ever so often and not to bun too tight to protect edges.!

I achieved this bun with NO added hair on an old braidout, I rolled and tucked the hair under to make it a bun.
Top of a bun with hair added in the middle
Simple easy WET bun method i did to retain moisture.
Favorite bunning technique. The Roll n tuck under bun .
Faux bun: with Kanekelon hair rolled into a big ball, placed in center of ponytail, hair wet and  pulled on top on the faux bun secured with bobby pins.

Meet Peyton

This is my daughter Peyton...she is almost two and acts like she's 22! She is a curly of course. I use a homemade spritzer on her hair and cantu shea butter, I recently tried "Liv"
Great cream but too heavy for her fine hair.

 a conditioning cream Brielle and I used as children but it seems too heavy on her fine hair! When my parents and sis visited we gave her box braids something else we had as kids and she LOVES them! Low manipulation and trendy!

Oh...there she is!!

OMG...I know, I know, I know! I made one post and promised to post more....SORRY! I have been super busy new job and I'm still getting used to the hours I work. I was a stay at home mom for over a year. This time, I will stay on top of things. I have a calendar with my work schedule,workout schedule AND BLOGGING SCHEDULE!!!!! While fully introducing myself and my curls I also want you guys to meet Peyton my almost 2 year old daughter...Brielle has posted pics of her latest style! posts and pics coming your way!!!!!!

Sidenote: Wasn't Brielles' latest feature awesome!!!
It can be found at www.hairscapades.com

Length Obsessed

My readers are length obsessed. This is a quick post because I am just too amazed at this lol So yesterday I posted a LENGTH CHECK VIDEO which was very very random and impulsive, I just decided to see how long my hair was, it was not a full blown length check because my hair were in twists and not fully stretched or "straightened" but it did the job lol. NOW of course I can see the stats for every post I publish on CoilyCurls but THIS post had over 100 views so soon after I published it, for real y'all???lol THIS NEVER HAPPENS... like never, it was funny because I am like well what do ya know, THEY ARE READING THE BLOG lol!!! Thanks for reading you guys I am elated to know that I have readers and that you guys are enjoying the content. AGAIN, if you are reading let me know, I would love to here from my readers. Click on that CONTACT link and hit a sista up lol!

I've been FEATURED!!!

Click on the link to read my hair story on Hairscapades. www.hairscapades.com
She has such a beautiful site and it is very informative and welcoming, I love it lol. So I am sending my readers over to read her blog seriously you will love it&my hair story!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Finally Length check time.

                                   LENGTH CHECK
July 2012 length
Here is my first Official length check...one year of growth i began my growth journey last year July 2011 with chin length hair. In the video Make sure you remember  my hair are in twists so of course you're not going to get the full length it ll seem like I'm pulling my ends to make it look longer BUT I am not HONESTLY, my hair are in twists so some parts will be more dense then others. but where my fingers usually stop is where my hair is as far as length again remember my hair is in twists so I wont be giving FULL length. But anyway IM HAPPY:) its grown A LOT.! My next Length check will not be until January 2013... so be on the look out. Also  please support the YouTube page if you want to see more videos.

Length Check???

Okay so since Ive started blogging I honestly rarely if ever do a length check...yup i know sad lol. I have been growing my hair fully and been natural for a full one year now.my mom gave me the big chop lol, keep in mind I transitioned from 2009 summer and got my relaxed hair cut off in 2011  I went away to school and experimented with flat irons and that burned all of my hair off& I had about 50 % heat damage so i got that trimmed and had chin length hair. So my journey to natural began in July of 2011 hence I am 1 year fully natural. but 3 years post relaxer. So Stay tuned I WILL be recording,editing, and POSTING today staaaaay tuned coilies!

Im back!!

I know I have been gone for a while I bet people are like seriously a whole week Brielle?? lol but to my defense I did post and say Id be gone for a while, anyway I am back from Texas it was a very fun trip I was very grateful and happy that I got to see my sister, and my niece Peyton that little one year old is too much for me lol! The trip was 17 hours in the car... ugh! I slept all the way coming home though lol my dad drove! S?o to him for being so manly wanting to drive the whole way lol!! I did check my youtube page but not my blog that often  HOWEVER my views went up 1k since I've been gone, thanks to my little silent readers lol (seriously though contact me sometime and let me know you're reading) But all in all IM happy to be back blogging!
Yes...yes i know he is handsome lol. my nephew!!

Me and my lil baby Peyton
My mom and Peyton! at the swimming pool
Telling me "I'm not your friend" lol

Sitting in the pot, but not using it lol!
We gave her box braids
Lol in the car riding with a old dry wash n Go. lol it was horrible.
Shrinkage but all my hair couldnt fit in the picture.lol
Ridind round n gettn it lol!
On my air mattress 
From the car.