Monday, July 23, 2012

Trend??.um NOT!!!

MY NATURAL HAIR IS NOT A TREND!!!!!! I'm so tired of people jumping on this natural hair bandwagon to create a fashion statement, like seriously some of us naturals are in it for a lifestyle not for fashion. I am happy that more women are becoming natural but I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED that they are in it just for a moment, go natural because it is who YOU are, go natural for the health of your strands, go natural to find yourself, but please do not do it solely because your favorite singer chopped off their hair it is not a smart decision and celebrities change their image ALL the time, they are paid to be fashionable so guess what, if curls are in, celebrities will rock them, if box braids are in celebrities will rock them, think of BEYONCE she has just been photographed rocking box braids...They are a fashion statement now but think about a year ago, heads would turn and people would laugh if somebody was seen walking around with box braids! I mean I would want to be a part of a movement and not a trend! Trends come and go so next summer Relaxed straight hair will be the "in" THING AGAIN WILL YOU GO BACK TO CREAMY CRACK BECAUSE A CELEBRITY SWEARS BY PERM??? It is seriously sickening, now there are companies aiming to us black women selling "natural products" for "ethnic hair care" getting all our damn money once again, seriously when will it end??!! They target us because they know this is a booming business at this time, its fashionable its "in". I mean look around the stores you'll see "transitioning kits" lol seriously??? I mean AGAIN let me say I LOVE WHEN WOMEN DECIDE TO GO NATURAL but I do not think it is okay that companies are all of a sudden targeting "natural hair" as a trend. In two years will they still be selling transitioning kits?... Or will the relaxed sells increase again7 we will walk around laughing at each other saying "girl you need a touch0up" "wow her hair is nappy" is it only okay because society is saying so at this moment?? we have to be consistent. Do not treat natural hair as a trend it is not a trend it is who we are!!! YES it is fashionable but because WE(naturals) pushed it to be this way, it is beautiful enough not to wear for a moment but a lifetime, it is yours...LOVE it, OWN it, DON'T let trends define it!!!
Its real!lol this is NOT a trend, peep my natural hair shelves in my closet.!IM consistent, are you?

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