Sunday, November 6, 2011


SEALING IN THE MOISTURE IS SO IMPORTANT!!!! PERSONALLY WHEN I SEAL IN MOISTURE IN MY HAIR I USE THE POPULAR "LOC" METHOD Liquid Oil and Cream! for liquid i use my leave in conditioner from CAROLS DAUGHTER it works really well for me i LOVE it, you must use it immediately after your hair is wet, because you want to lock in the moisture from water before it evaporates will totally defeat the purpose and you'll fail in sealing your hair, for oil i use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the Cream step varies for me because i use a lot of different things, depending on how i feel and the condition my hair is in, sometimes i use unrefined(raw) shea butter, and sometimes i simply use CAROLS DAUGHTER hair butter, but for some reason i love the smell of CANTU SHEA BUTTER cream so i use that as well lol even as the fourth step lol,the smell is so enticing!!!

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