Saturday, November 19, 2011

My shampoo regimen has changed

I just detangle with water and conditioner I finger detangle first then use my wide tooth comb, and of course my denmen.
after I'm done finger detangling I braid that section, and apply shampoo MANE N TAIL to my scalp and just gently scratch off oil and dirt on scalp.
I do that until all sections are complete, and then hop in the shower, of course i shampoo each section SEPARATELY but right before I'm about to rinse shampoo out a section I APPLY MY CONDITIONER!!!!i found that by doing this it helps restore moisture to your hair, because of course shampoo does strip the hair, SO IF YOU ARE LIKE ME AND WILL CONTINUE TO USE COMMERCIAL SHAMPOO THIS TECHNIQUE WILL BE GREAT FOR YOU!
after i rinse the shampoo and conditioner out i apply my regular conditioner again and braid that section up, i shampoo each section until I am done and once every section is braided with the conditioner i just let the water run on my hair and scalp rinsing out my last application of conditioner, leaving the braids in because I do not want to detangle all over again.
now your hair is washed and not dried out,its well moisturized and conditioned this method will allow you to stretch your deep conditioning if needed!AND STOP YOU FROM USING SO MANY PRODUCTS RIGHT AFTER YOU'VE WASHED YOUR HAIR TRYING TO LOCK IN MOISTURE and RESTORE MOISTURE!

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