Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MY VIEW: Healthy Relation/Friendships.

MY view on relationships... hmmm(me thinking while i write) well I think people do not know how to date anymore, and the respect for relationships have decreased! Women don't want to be "tied down" and men don't want to commit, but honestly how is being with someone you like...being tied down, it shouldn't even be viewed as being tied down... that's so rude and inconsiderate. So now...because we have this group of anti-relationship beings, we have a group of emotionally attached beings...willing to be in a relationship but the selfish ways of anti-relationship people prevent them from doing that, I do not think its fair if YOU LIKE someone, enjoy being with them and talking to them, having a relationship and being together shouldn't be a task, its just establishing" We are together, I like you, you like me, lets try this thing" that DOESN'T mean  you are trying to get married so why run from that? the most incorrect thing to me is not even attempting a relationship...for Women and men...your mate could be that one person that have always been there for you, liked you through everything...To me...so often we OVERLOOK the person that's right for us or even continue to look when all along he/she is the person that's been in your face all along...you have been searching and couldnt find because they have been there all along... that person that ACCEPTS you for you, LOVES everything about you, ACCEPT and appreciate you for you...even your flaws, UNDERSTANDS you aren't perfect, HAS been there for you when no one else was, helped you pick up the pieces from a past bad relationship and nurtured you back to happiness, genuinely cares about you, your well being, your happiness, and enjoys being with you, someone that does selfless acts...the man/woman that shows you they care...that have proven time and time before...they are worthy...YOUR FRIEND.! EVERY relationship MUST stem from a friendship those are the relationships that last the longest...it is is important to establish a friendship at the beginning or else all else will fail...the happiest people in relationships were friends before partners...the most important thing is being a friend, establishing a friendship will help you become comfortable talking to one another it will strengthen trust and communication.!Getting to know the person you are interested in will be easier when you establish a friendship,...RUSHING is not the way to go,...sometimes its hard because you know what you want...but you still have to gradually get there a rushed relationship=a failed relationship because honestly what do you know about that person?I guess this all goes back to me saying we look past "the one" all the time, because he or she will have these qualities..it will hit you because you'll realize you trust this person, you like this person, you have fun with this person, you laugh and smile with this person, and believe it or not you're ATTRACTED to this person physically, its crazy because emotionally, mentally, physically, and sometimes spiritually you have this connection with this person but you've kept it at a "friend" level which is fine because of course relationships must stem from a FRIENDship...so with this being said... don't go and kiss and grope your best-friend or friend, but realize maybe your relationships are failing because you are with someone that doesn't even know you, you could be overlooking that one "friend" you enjoy hanging with...be patient and enjoy friendships, make long lasting friendships...cherish  them because one day...your closest friend...just might become more.SO...people there is NOTHING wrong with relationships...just get in the RIGHT one,... don't run from it, you might lose out!:) we all have this anti-relationship phase *raises hand* guilty as charged but that's only because we chose the wrong person to get in a relationship with...at this point in my life I'm going to try to be MORE open,...and experience dating in a better and happier way, however, I'm not going to rush into anything, I appreciate the bonds i make with people.

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