Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Because you ask...

I feel like Facebook nor twitter are the place for my thoughts... i needed my own writing space... that's why i started a blog...(for everybody that keeps asking)...its my open journal...more people should get one...actually...and as far as MY HAIR i went natural because(I WANTED TO)...it was best for me, and my views on relaxed hair have changed with my maturity,..its deeper to me than  "straight" hair i JUST feel like this is ME, take it or leave it...raw&uncut no edits... its me, I'm comfortable with MYSELF...so again...this isn't the place for my thoughts,but i just felt i needed to clarify and answer some questions that i have been receiving.
-crazy how ppl think maturity...is a BAD change o_0 I'm sill me, I'm more Me than I've ever been actually.!

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