Monday, December 5, 2011

Sulfate and cone free

I'm taking a visit to WALMART today to buy some silicone free products my hair is beginning to feel waxy and I absolutely hate it,I think it's just time for me to go cone free,so actually I'm going to have to Redo and start over on my CG METHOD!:(. although I'm conditioner only I've Been a great conditioner only person but I was  using herbal essence which is great but loaded with silicones,I'm also still not going to shampoo maybe one diluted shampooing every 3 months or so but I have to start my CG over tomorrow I'm going to clarify with my mane n tail and start fresh,I hope my hair reacts well.I'll come back later with the products I bought aaaaand the results after my first day going truly CG/Conditioner only.

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