Sunday, December 11, 2011


I'm finally HOME in CHICAGO oh how I've missed this city, I got off the plane and forgot just how windy this city really is, I was freezing lol came from 60 degree to 20 degrees ohhh how that wind felt horrible lol. Before I left though, I did a hot oil treatment and deep condition, and applied some EVOO to my ends for extra protection lol, and I was so paranoid I wore a scarf updo but y'all it was CUTE!!!!!lol Im gonna do a video on how I did it soon, it was so easy and definitely my favorite protective style haha! anyway Im happy to be home :) but i have bad news :( i LEFT ,my computer in my dorm so there will be less posts this month, well less VLOGS because I wont have a way to record, but bear with me I'm going to still post, leave me comments or tweet me and tell me what you'd like to read from me, or any tutorials, or hairstyles you want to see.!

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