Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am SO sorry

Hey you guys,
I hope y'all havent completely abandoned me lol, I promise I WILL find a great balance between working out and blogging, and eating healthy, and maintaining healthy friendships and relationships.... it is getting real and I truly wish I had found a balance earlier.
I actually have my hair in two strand twists because I work out everyday...six days a week y'all... (watch me hit my dougie) I TOLD y'all I was going to commit to getting in shape.
Um I am working out with Insanity,...Walking in the park, and I go to the gym...I have a trainer, an amazing woman her name is Indiana and she is pushing me to my limit each and every day, I have grown to love and respect her!
I am taking Herbalife shakes for breakfast and  dinner, I eat lunch and two snacks daily, I do not know if I have lost any weight because I try to focus more on working out, more than anything. Herbalife is AMAZING gives me energy and the shakes are tasty, I am not trying to "get skinny quick" this is truly a lifestyle change I am clean eating, my snacks are usually whole grain crackers and fruit, the shakes have ALL the nutrients I need and I will ALWAYS take them, once I lose a significant amount of weight, I will continue to take the shakes because it is NOT a diet you are instructed to eat when you are hungry, just eat smart when you are hungry instead of unhealthy.Because my body is getting all the nutrients I need I am having crazy nail growth which i assume will happen to my hair as well, because with a poor diet my hair grew but with a healthy and balanced diet I know my hair will benefit from it.! I currently have been keeping my hair in two strand twists because it is easy for me, I don't know another way to wear my hair with working out,.. I need to deep condition as I type this post actually, My hair are in medium sized twists, I did not have the time or patience for mini twists because I needed to do something to my hair ASAP. I usually Moisturize and seal my ends before bed and my hair seems to be doing JUST fine which is why I chose to keep my hair twisted because with working out I am more tired and my days start earlier and end earlier, do those long hours waiting for my wash n go to dry just do not seem appeasing to me right now lol. I just want to wake up and moisturize and go& with the twists I can!
I will come back with a weight loss update in maybe a week, so next Saturday I will pop in again with an update about my weight meanwhile give me time to update about my hair lol.

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