Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hair Update

Obviously I have not been posting hair updates, and this is because I have not done anything "new" to my hair, I have still been a wash n go queen and I get at least 4 or 5 day hair with my method, If you guys would like a visual tutorial on how I wash n go, hit me up and I will surely do one. If you follow me on Instagram you've more than likely seen these pictures lol.
This was just yesterday right after i finished my wash n go
also from yesterday, and no your eyes aren't tricking its blurred(effect)
Being Silly, You know how I do lol
whats uuuuup lol
After I deep conditioned
Air drying with just coconut oil
Wet hair with Eco in it.
Posing before I headed "out"
Thats from my bangs, I see others do it, why not I lol
Wet hair
Dry hair

effects on dry naked hair
Deep conditioner Recipe

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