Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Did you clean your fruit&veggies???

If you are a legit reader than you know I am on a weight loss journey so I eat a lot of fruits and veggies.
My mother and myself were talking today about how often people do not wash and sanitize their fruits&veggies. I believe we began cleaning fruits& veggies maybe 1year, we used to do the quick rinse under the faucet but we learned that we were not truly doing much lol.
So I decided to make a PSA to my readers about this issue, you guys buy a vegetable cleaner brush, you can find them often at your local grocery store. They look like ...
I am stressing the importance of cleaning your fruits and veggies because some fruit must be sprayed with pesticides to keep birds, and insects away from them, this pesticide is a poison of some sort and some are stronger than others however we do not have a way of knowing exactly what pesticides are on all fruit so it is important to always clean them before consumption!
I use the veggie brush and a little soap(even if you do not use soap scrub with the brush) and just scrub the fruit or vegetable, honestly you would be surprised to see all the DIRT that comes off cucumbers, peaches...etc.
So again make sure you clean them before you eat them you want the benefits of these foods, not the pesticides used to grow them lol!

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