Friday, October 12, 2012

6 month low manipulation/protective challenge

Ok,so I kno its been like forever since yall heard from me I am! My last post was about those lovely box braids that I loved so much,well i took them down and the reality of actually caring for my hair slapped me in the face so I'm going for a challenge...Here's the deal my husband as u all kno is in the Air Force and deployed right now he will be away for 6 my bright idea was to make Brittany better it gives me more rime to focus on me...that being said I have embarked on a new LIFESTYLE...Healthy Hair,Fitness,and Clean Eating! I work out every morning at least 20 nonstop minutes (bc its a short time and I want max results I dont stop) sometimes 40 mins! I don't eat processed foods,I only drink water,I take vitamins, protein shakes/bars and watch my portions when I eat! I have my fitness pal on my phone to help count calories...and this weekend i will weigh and do measurements along with a pic (to be used as my before shot). As for my hair i will be wearing box braids,twists, roller sets...all those styles we love that allow for as little maintenance as possible! (Seriously considering LOCS) Pics coming very soon....oh my mini me peyton is on a healthy hair challenge too...braids for her! Oh And I forgot to mention I got braces...I feel like im gonna be a totally different Brittany by the time Byron gets home, well I will be because I'll be healthy!!!!

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