Monday, March 12, 2012

My problem area:(

So y'all right in the middle of my hair there is something that appears to be either breakage or it could be my problem area...I'm so sad because I've just discovered it,...NOW I'm freaking out, but of course I had to share with my readers because I'm NOT perfect and neither is my hair, I'm going to continue to take care of this little area like usual but of course I'll be super sensitive and NO heat!!!... I found it while I was doing my usual over night wash n go...and I kept staring at it then I was like man I have to blog about this, so have any one out there experienced anything like this? Am I tripping? Is it normal? HELP I'm freaking out lol but honestly I think it's from me scratching, I have a odd habit of scratching my head in a state of confusion so I'm thinking it comes from that, either way I want to fix this issue!!

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