Friday, June 29, 2012

Length chart.

Okay so this post is for the LENGTH OBSESSED!!! Lol I'm kidding, but seriously most naturals do have a length goal, personally mine is bra strap Length by age 21 I'll be 20 in July of 2012,...after that...Waist length before I turn 23. I'm currently in between shoulder&arm pit length (I think!!! Idk bc after I posted I went back to edit and it seems im at arm pit length in this photo it seems)!this picture was taken of my straight hair in april 2012 and it's now.almost July of 2012 so it could've grown from then idk but this is the most recent!
This chart can help to remember your goals, for encourages me to maintain a healthy regimen so I can see those results!!

Comparison of where I am now!
Photo is nearly 2 months old BUT is the most accurate I have.

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