Friday, January 4, 2013

January Health Challenge

Hey everyone, I've been uber focused on my weight loss& haven't done any thing new with my hair and it resulted in a neglect of my blog! However I decided to include my readers and anyone else who'd like to join in the January health challenge!
This whole month I will have 1 green smoothie a day, for breakfast and eat clean and continue to do INSANITY workouts! Right now I am 30 days in but that post will come at a later date! I feel my loss could have been way more if I'd kicked up my nutrition however I have poor eating habits, I eat clean BUT I don't eat often maybe twice a day without snacks in between unless I remember to snack,... But back to the January Challenge I really want my readers and or friends to join me and really kicking off your/my weight loss progress!
So again here is how it will go:
1.Green Smoothie a day
2.minimum 64oz of water daily
3.multivitamin of choice
4.Cardio Daily(my cardio is Insanity)
That's it though, simple and straight to the point!!! If you want in just let me know!

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