Thursday, August 9, 2012

Curling Souffle Results

Hated this product, my hair had no sheen after it dried, I think I may not be able to use it for my wash n go because the results left me unhappy!!
I only used a little& some curly enhancing smoothie on top of each section, I think Shea Moisture will be used JUST FOR STYLISH never on my wash n go though!! This product goes on nicely, but I think maybe I should have tried it on SOAKING hair, the same way I feel about the curl enhancing smoothie, I forget how my hair doesn't like shea butter, so maybe I'm not meant for these products, however we shall see, I'm not giving up yet& I love the smoothie it's very moisturizing, just not so great for my wash n go.
I hated the souffle so bad I co-washed it right out& put my hair in a pony!
Oh& I posted a picture of this simple bun I did this morning I think I may be trying this style soon! I can finally bun with MY hair.
I'm too geeked lol.
The other photos are of the Souffle results& my pony tail after the damage was fixed lol.

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