Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flat Ironed hair.!

So here are a few pictures of my flat ironed hair in the month of July, I have stated plenty times that I am remaining heat free for a FULL year, I will not be straightening my hair again until my 21st birthday, I usually straighten my hair for "Big" events in my life.... and I felt like entering my 20's was BIG.... like I am not a teenager anymore, that is crazy...I feel old lol. 
I might even pass on straightening it for my 21st. This year I WILL continue to retain length, I am doing an AMAZING JOB already so now I just will continue to do what I can. My hair grew A LOT from April... crazy. like at least 2 inches&that is amazing the longest part of my hair is armpit length, I will be happy when all of it reaches armpit length the front of my hair is about a inch past my chin, which is amazing growth. I am very happy with my growth, sealing my ends payed off, OH I also trimmed a inch off my hair because it was tangling easy and i just assumed I had rough ends, its no big deal, I did not remove a lot of length but MY hair feels much better and smoother I love it now, lol. BUT sadly I am OVER this straight hair, I am super paranoid& I cant deal with it, it is just not that appealing to me and my face is breaking out from hair being in my face& I will not be having that!!But overall I love my growth and here are my photos.

My poor feathers grew out alot.

Looking all young lol

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